Active Projects

  1. Data-Driven Situational Awareness for Resilient Operation of Distribution Networks with Inverter-based distributed energy resources
  2. Autonomous Control Actions for Smart Devices in Response to Cyber-physical Attack and other Anomalies with Resilient Solutions for Critical Infrastructure
  3. Proactive Intrusion Detection and Anomaly Classification in Smart Inverters and other Power Electronics based Devices
  4. Compact, Reliable, and Robust GaN-based Active Rectifiers for More Electric Aircrafts
  5. Cybersecurity Analytics and Situational Awareness in Distribution Grids through Smart Devices and Deep-learning
  6. Computationally Efficient Model Predictive Self-healing Control Schemes for Power Electronics at the Grid-edge
  7. Optimal Design of Compact and Portable Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Tool

Past Projects

  1. Enabling Cybersecurity, Situational Awareness and Resilience in Distribution Grids with High Penetration of Photovoltaics (CARE-PV)
  2. 1-MW PV Power RD&D Using SiC-based qZS Cascade Multilevel Inverter and Battery Energy Storage.
  3. Design and Control of Electric Springs in Nanogrids.
  4. Techno-Economic Optimization of Nanogrids.

Smart Photovoltaic Inverter with Grid Fault-ride Through Capability

Hierarchical Model Predictive Control for Grid-tied Cascaded Multilevel Inverters